Wedding & Baby Survival

KiltBaby E attended his first wedding this weekend which was his first big event. Of course this called for him to don a kilt, which he was very cute and handsome in. He wore the same kilt as Mr W in the tartan that we had at our wedding which made it even more special. The effect of an adorable baby in a kilt on people is quite spectacular and he was in serious danger of stealing the show from the beautiful bride. It also makes changing nappies considerably easier!

We were a little apprehensive about the day…it would be a long one with lots going on and lots of new faces in a busy and bustling atmosphere. Baby E would also ideally need to be polite and quiet at certain parts of the day, heaven forbid he have a total meltdown in the middle of the ceremony or speeches! With a little military precision planning, along with the help of a little boy that smiled and giggled his way through the event we have a very enjoyable, if exhausting day.

Here are a few things we did to try and make a potentially stressful day run a bit more smoothly:

  • List, list, list. This was the perfect opportunity for me to indulge in my love of lists. I made a made a list of what we needed for the day well in advance, from toys to feeding to the essentials.
  • Take plenty of the essentials i.e. nappies and wipes. The wedding venue was an hour away from home and a fair distance from the nearest town where we could get any of these in an emergency.
  • Take a back-up outfit for baby…hopefully you won’t need one for yourself!
  • Have wet wipes in an easy to access place.
  • Take a good variety of food. We took a couple of pouches that we knew Baby E enjoyed, a yogurt, rusks and little sandwich fingers so that we had few options. The finger food was a great distraction during speeches. We also took spare formula as well as what we knew we would need just in case.
  • Take a variety of small toys – make sure some are not noisy, I am sure the bride does not want to hear a little singing Mexican maraca while she says her vows!
  • We made sure Baby E had a good morning nap before going. He skipped his afternoon nap as there was too much going on for him, although I did make sure we went somewhere quieter for a little down time.
  • Take a sleep suit for the evening. This made it so much easier to put Baby E in his car seat where he fell asleep and we could just transfer him into his cot when he got home.
  • We went with the goal that if Baby E became unsettled,  grumpy…descend into raging melt down, the bride and groom would never know about it. Cue checking all rooms for the swiftest exit route!

And finally…

  • Start to leave about 45 minutes before you actually intend to. It is virtually impossible to leave an event with a cute baby quickly!

What are your top tips for taking a baby to a big event?

The Twinkle Diaries

Little Weekly Wonders #4

Little Weekly WondersSitting up – This week Baby E progressed to being able to sit up completely unaided. He is still getting the hang of it but can sit for a good length of time before the wobble starts or he sees something interesting that throws him off balance. It was not unlike when training a dog…sit, stay, stay, good boy! He looked so small and vulnerable just sitting there all alone happily playing with his stacking cups. He looked at me with a big smiley face as looked at him with that strange mixture of pride that my baby has reached another milestone and sadness that he is growing so quick. A feeling that is quickly becoming so familiar as a mum.

Wedding Bells – Baby E attended his first wedding yesterday which was his first big event and his first time wearing a kilt! He was extremely cute and handsome in his little kilt that matched his daddy. It was the same tartan that we had at our wedding so brought back some great memories and was very fitting for our little boy’s first kilt. I think I will have to have a good talk to him in the future as he drew a lot of attention from the ladies and had them all wrapped around his tiny little finger! Despite it being a long day with lots going on Baby E was so content and happy to entertain all the attention. He seemed to love the interaction with everyone and was mesmerised by the flower girls. We stayed until just after the first dance before heading home and despite Baby E getting a second wind and ready to party, myself and Mr W were definitely ready for bedtime!