8 Month Summary

8 Month summaryAnother month has passed and Baby E is 8 months old! Here is what he has been up to this month.

Milestones – The quest to crawl continues! Baby E has made some good progress this month and has figured out that smooshing his face along the floor is getting him nowhere fast. He is now making more use of his arms and holds himself up very well while tucking in his knees and rocking back and forward. By doing such ‘big boy’ movements it somehow makes him appear smaller and never fails to produce an ‘aww, look at him’ moment from me. Baby E has also mastered the art of scooting backwards which is quite comical to watch him manoeuvre himself around his nursery in this way and he appears confused when he is trying to get closer to a toy but ends up further away from it. Last week we had a routine visit from the Health Visitor who was very pleased with the progress Baby E was making and he breezed through all the checks. He now weighs 18lb which is a touch under average for his age and is in the 75th percentile for height, not sure where he gets that from! He demonstrated excellent transfer between hands and pincer grips, looked immediately for items when they were put out of sight, responded to his name, held himself up and showed strength in his arms and sat up by himself (only to be gently pushed by the HV to see if he did the correct response, which he did). All in all a very successful visit which the HV summed up as Baby E showing the perfect examples of all the checks and he was a happy, smiley, chatty little boy with gorgeous eyelashes! Good work Baby E.

Sleep – Baby E continues to sleep well and is sticking to his night time routine of bed around 7pm and waking around 6am. A few nights he has needed a little comforting through the night, I think this is down to another round of delightful teething but he just needs a cuddle and settles pretty well. His morning nap continues to be his favourite and he gets a story between 9.30-10am and settles to sleep with the help of our trusty musical little friend Scout. Morning nap continues to be the longest at anywhere between 1-2 hours. Baby E seems to be dropping one of his shorter afternoon naps and tends to only show signs of needing one, this is usually between 4-4.30pm and can last 30mins to an hour.

Eating – Baby E is now taking something to eat 3 times a day. Morning is a 7oz bottle followed by porridge, which he loves, if he is off his porridge it is a sure sign he is a little under the weather. After his morning nap he will take a 5oz bottle and around an hour later he will take lunch followed by another 5oz bottle at around 3.30pm then dinner at around 5 and finishing with a 7oz bedtime milk. We have started introducing more finger foods as Baby E seems to like being independent with his feeding and does not seem keen on being spoon fed anything with texture, although he still enjoys smooth purees. Finger foods he has been trying include broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, chicken, toast with homemade humus or homemade vegetable purees spread on it. He is also still loving his mesh feeder and tends to have fruit such as pear, mango, banana, plums and peaches as desert, yoghurts are also a hit as are any fruit puree. So lunch and dinner are a combination of any of these items and we normally go for one spoon fed meal and one finger food meal a day.

Favourite Things – The Jumperoo is still a firm favourite and Baby E is continuing to explore the activities on it. He has discovered that he can turn the elephant to look at him and can push the button to make the tiger pop up…and thinks this is hilarious. Stacking cups are also getting a good play with lately, such a simple thing but Baby E can sit and bang these, chew these and knock down my carefully made towers with great delight. Baby E also continues to enjoy story time and is getting more interactive with them. He is enjoying books with flaps and knows exactly where to lift on the pages, even to the point where if he gets a book without flaps he will try to find the bit to lift! Favourites include, Fox’s Socks by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler and Where is Spot? by Eric Hill. While Baby E is not plonked in front of the TV for hours on end there are a couple of programs he enjoys. Ra Ra the Noisy Lion and Bing never fail to get a laugh and Baby E smiles and chatters away to them, he has even started laughing at all the right places!

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7 Month Summary

Yesterday Baby E turned 7 months. Before having him I only ever uttered the phrase ‘time flies when you are having fun’ in a sarcastic manner, but no more. Time really does seem to tumble away as you watch the tiny little person you created grow and develop and I don’t think I have ever laughed and smiled so much in my life as I have done the past 7 months. So here is a glimpse into what 7 month old Baby E is like.


Baby E has been rolling from his back to his belly smoothly and unassisted for some time now, however the roll back seems to elude him most of the time at the moment. This results in a sight not unlike a stranded turtle on his shell, except this little turtle is on his belly with his head craned high searching for some help. He is also doing something that faintly resembles an early crawl, although his version involves some good strong leg action (thank you jumperoo) coupled with a smoosh of his face along the ground, those hands and arms need to get in on the action. We are currently working up to being able to sit up completely unaided and Baby E can manage a few wobbly seconds alone before making that all important decision of ‘baby left or baby right’. Overall his movement is more considered and deliberate and he is making good progress with a little support. Two pearly whites have also broken through at the front of his lower gums and he has become a very chatty little man. Noises range from low grunts and growls, to high pitched squeals and a sweet sing-song voice, ‘boobooboo’ also seems to be a favourite means of communication.


The topic even strangers ask me about. Baby E is, dare I say it…a pretty good sleeper now. He usually goes down for his night time sleep just after 7pm and now usually sleeps through until around 6 am most days. This can vary though and he can wake anywhere between 5.30am and 7.30am. If its on the early side then we try to encourage and comfort him back to sleep, which is not guaranteed but can work. As for day time naps I feel it is important for Baby E to try and get a good nap in the morning as I feel it really makes a difference for the rest of the day and he will normally nap for an hour and a half to two hours. In the afternoon Baby E tends to favour two shorter naps lasting 20-30 minutes a time.


Weaning is well underway and Baby E is doing a mixture of purees and finger foods. He is loving sweet potato, banana, plums and seems to be favouring fruit now after preferring vegetables at the start of the process. He also loves a yoghurt and really enjoys eating pieces of fruit in his Munchkin fresh food holder. Textured purees are definitely not a hit with him at the moment and he is not shy about letting you know, he can also sniff out a carrot in any guise and has so far refused to even entertain the thought of consuming even a morsel. I am finding that the homemade purees I am making based on Annabel Karmels Quick and Easy Weaning book have a much stronger flavour to them than the pouches and jars and at the moment, particularly with meat and veg, Baby E is mildly more enthusiastic about the blander tasting options.

Favourite Things

7 Month SummarySince getting his jumperoo from Santa, Baby E has been loving it. He interacts with all the attached jungle toys and the poor parrot that hangs above him came a cropper recently when he finally managed to reach up and get a good hold of him. He knows exactly what is happening when you lower him into the gaping frog mouth seat and Baby E’s little legs start going like a dogs held above water. Another firm favourite is a Jelly Cat giraffe called James (pronounced Ha-mez, named after a Columbian footballer – can you tell my husband made me endure most of the football World Cup during the later stages of my pregnancy). Baby E is also getting more into story time and will sit peacefully and listen and follow my fingers pointing out the pictures and words as I read. Granted, he does need a ‘distraction book’ (a small, hard cardboard one) to hold and chew on otherwise the main story would quickly turn into a mass of saliva covered pulp before I reach the end of the story.  Baby E is also a massive fan of tickles and an even bigger fan of the anticipation of a good tickle. He can read the ‘about to tickle you’ signs well and giggles endlessly while thrashing about. He also loves getting carried by his dad while I chase them around the house, much to the amusement of my neighbours I am sure.

So that’s an insight into Baby E as a 7 month old. Right, I am away to look at all his newborn photos and repeatedly exclaim ‘aww look how tiny he was there’ and ‘remember when he…’ and I’ll enjoy every minute.

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