Little Weekly Wonders 6

Little Weekly WondersPlaying with Jelly – This week we had a go at some good old messy play. I had been noticing that Baby E was becoming very aware of any of his food getting on his hands and fingers and while I don’t resign myself to utter destruction I do want us to have fun and get a bit messy. So out came the jelly, we just put a couple of different colours on his highchair and let him explore it. To begin with he was a little apprehensive but soon an excited giggle was released and he really got into it, swishing it around and playing with it in his hands. He did look at me a few times as if to say ‘is this okay?’ it is like he already knows that I am a clean freak! He loved though and we will definitely be trying more activities like this.

Waving – This week Baby E began purposely waving. I did my usual cheery ‘hiya!’ and waved at him and he did it back. He looked as surprised and pleased as I did, carefully looking at his hand thinking what is that doing? He has also started waving at his dad when he gets home from work, which is extremely cute.

Supermarket Chat – On one of our walks this week Baby E and I popped into a supermarket. As usual the tills were packed but never fear, Baby E was there for everyone’s entertainment! He smiled and giggled and ‘chatted’ to everyone gathering up all the admiring glances and compliments. It is lovely to have people say your baby is beautiful but it is even better when they comment on what a smiley, happy and sociable your little boy is.


Little Weekly Wonders #5

Little Weekly WondersFaceTime with Granny & Papa – Baby E was treated to his own personalised little TV show this week starring his Granny and Papa. As we live over 4 hours away we don’t get to see as much of our family as we would like so things like FaceTime are a great invention for us! Baby E smiled and giggled as he watched his Granny and Papa talking to him, making silly noises and faces and playing peek-a-boo. In return he treated them to his latest trick of trying to crawl.


Health Visitor – This week Baby E had a routine visit from our Health Visitor and dazzled her by completing all the tests she threw at him with ease and a smile. She was very happy with his progress and commented that he was providing perfect examples of all the things she was looking for. This included transferring items hand to hand, pincer grip, looking for items when they are dropped, putting his hand out if he fell over and responding to his name. Well done Baby E!


Swings in the Sunshine – This week brought some beautiful sunny weather to the North East of Scotland again so we have been enjoying our afternoon walks even more than usual. Our local play park has recently been refurbished so Baby E and I decided to make a pit stop here and check it out. It was Baby E’s first shot of a swing, he sat on my knee on the ‘big’ swing so it was also my first shot on a swing for a long time! He seemed to enjoy it but was probably more interested in getting a good look at the bigger boys and girls running around and wishing he could join in!

Little Weekly Wonders #4

Little Weekly WondersSitting up – This week Baby E progressed to being able to sit up completely unaided. He is still getting the hang of it but can sit for a good length of time before the wobble starts or he sees something interesting that throws him off balance. It was not unlike when training a dog…sit, stay, stay, good boy! He looked so small and vulnerable just sitting there all alone happily playing with his stacking cups. He looked at me with a big smiley face as looked at him with that strange mixture of pride that my baby has reached another milestone and sadness that he is growing so quick. A feeling that is quickly becoming so familiar as a mum.

Wedding Bells – Baby E attended his first wedding yesterday which was his first big event and his first time wearing a kilt! He was extremely cute and handsome in his little kilt that matched his daddy. It was the same tartan that we had at our wedding so brought back some great memories and was very fitting for our little boy’s first kilt. I think I will have to have a good talk to him in the future as he drew a lot of attention from the ladies and had them all wrapped around his tiny little finger! Despite it being a long day with lots going on Baby E was so content and happy to entertain all the attention. He seemed to love the interaction with everyone and was mesmerised by the flower girls. We stayed until just after the first dance before heading home and despite Baby E getting a second wind and ready to party, myself and Mr W were definitely ready for bedtime!

Little Weekly Wonders #3

Little Weekly WondersSunny Days – This week has brought some warm sunny days to the North East of Scotland, which doesn’t happen all that often! It has meant that Baby E and I could enjoy getting out of the house for some long, hazy, warm afternoon walks in our local area. As well as this being enjoyable in itself it also meant that we could go out without the usual hassle and bulk of dressing for arctic conditions. Very pleasant and considerably time saving when getting ready to leave the house! Baby E has enjoyed the warmer weather for his walks and contentedly kicked his legs, waved his arms and laughed his way around our route. Perfect.

Bouncing Downward Dog – the quest to crawl continues. Baby E is trying so hard to get on the move, he is so interested in everything and really wants to get exploring (note to self: start thinking like a 7 month old and remove anything I don’t want to be ‘explored’). He has now progressed to getting his feet on the floor and pushing his bum high in the air and doing a good few bounces. His face is still smooshed to the floor as he has not quite figured out what he is meant to do with his upper body yet. The result is something that resembles a downward dog pose with a bounce and slightly like a twerk, although I prefer the yoga reference! Baby E seems delighted with this progress and stops every so often to look at Mr W and I as if to say ‘am I doing it, did I move?’…not quite yet little one.

Little Weekly Wonders #2

Little Weekly WondersThis weeks memorable moments…

Baby E feeds dad. Aw, a cute way of avoiding the food he should be eating. However, this was a very sweet moment to see Baby E share his rusk with Mr W (he better get his game face on if a piece of broccoli comes his way!). Baby E was fascinated at seeing his dad eat the food he was offering and he was concentrating so hard to make sure he got it into Mr W’s mouth. He is really noticing what we are doing lately and is starting to copy us and it was great to see him share. I have optimistically high hopes of future sweetie sharing!

Trolly giggles. Even during a fairly mundane food shop, Baby E manages to muster up a great memorable moment. As we were crossing the car park with Baby E in the trolly he descended into a fit of the giggles for no apparent reason. Perhaps it was the jiggling around as we bumped our way across the tarmac or the breeze tickling his little face and wisping up his hair. Whatever it was it created a very happy, very cute little guy that made me laugh all the way to the car and all the way home.

Mum the gruffalo. Baby E is getting more and more interested in his story time. We were reading the well known favourite The Gruffalo, which of course called for a big deep voice fitting for such a creature. When the gruffalo spoke Baby E whipped his head around, quite concerned, then started some big belly laughs that continued every time the gruffalo spoke. As much as he enjoyed this and found it hilarious, he knew something wasn’t quite right and reached for my mouth try to grab this strange voice that wasn’t his mummy’s!

Easter Sunday. We have had a perfect Easter Sunday, helped along by a little boy who was on good form all day and rare sunny and warm day in Aberdeen. We started of with breakfast at Café Nero where Baby E got a prime seat to watch everyone go about their business then to a park for a stroll in the sun and a visit to the petting zoo. Baby E has not experienced the delights of chocolate yet so got a good collection of books from us and family to help him celebrate his first Easter!

Easter Books Petting Zoo

Little Weekly Wonders #1

Little Weekly WondersSince the reason I started this blog was to capture all the little moments, I decided to try and list a few of the little things that are highlights of each week. This week…

Baby E is starting to show more obvious signs of affection. He is beginning to hold out his arms and his little hands grab at you when he is picked up. He is also starting to rest his head on my shoulder when he is being carried and cuddled, there is nothing better than the feeling of his soft hair and warm little head snuggling into me. He has done these things before now but this week it has seemed he has done them more intentionally and is more aware of what he is doing.

Family visiting. This weekend Mr W’s family visited, we don’t live near either of our family (they are all lovely honestly, it is just the way things turned out!) so it is always extra special when any of them spend time with Baby E. It is great for them to see Baby E in his own environment with all his toys and entertaining them on his beloved jumperoo and he really enjoys all the attention. It is also a great chance for him to see his cousins and stares at them smiling as if they are giant oversized toys that only exist for his entertainment.

Toothy grins. Baby E has had his lower two front teeth for some time now but this week they have really sprouted and are visible when he smiles, laughs and roars. Somehow it has made his happy little face even more adorable.

Lets see what next week brings!