Little Weekly Wonders #2

Little Weekly WondersThis weeks memorable moments…

Baby E feeds dad. Aw, a cute way of avoiding the food he should be eating. However, this was a very sweet moment to see Baby E share his rusk with Mr W (he better get his game face on if a piece of broccoli comes his way!). Baby E was fascinated at seeing his dad eat the food he was offering and he was concentrating so hard to make sure he got it into Mr W’s mouth. He is really noticing what we are doing lately and is starting to copy us and it was great to see him share. I have optimistically high hopes of future sweetie sharing!

Trolly giggles. Even during a fairly mundane food shop, Baby E manages to muster up a great memorable moment. As we were crossing the car park with Baby E in the trolly he descended into a fit of the giggles for no apparent reason. Perhaps it was the jiggling around as we bumped our way across the tarmac or the breeze tickling his little face and wisping up his hair. Whatever it was it created a very happy, very cute little guy that made me laugh all the way to the car and all the way home.

Mum the gruffalo. Baby E is getting more and more interested in his story time. We were reading the well known favourite The Gruffalo, which of course called for a big deep voice fitting for such a creature. When the gruffalo spoke Baby E whipped his head around, quite concerned, then started some big belly laughs that continued every time the gruffalo spoke. As much as he enjoyed this and found it hilarious, he knew something wasn’t quite right and reached for my mouth try to grab this strange voice that wasn’t his mummy’s!

Easter Sunday. We have had a perfect Easter Sunday, helped along by a little boy who was on good form all day and rare sunny and warm day in Aberdeen. We started of with breakfast at Café Nero where Baby E got a prime seat to watch everyone go about their business then to a park for a stroll in the sun and a visit to the petting zoo. Baby E has not experienced the delights of chocolate yet so got a good collection of books from us and family to help him celebrate his first Easter!

Easter Books Petting Zoo


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