What was in my hospital bag?

Hospital BagTurns out it didn’t really matter.

I was that pregnant lady…I read all the hospital recommendations, scoured pregnancy blogs and gorged on YouTube ‘What’s in my hospital bag’ videos. I created list upon beautiful list of what I thought I needed and dragged my husband along to the shops to fully immerse him in the experience – because he really needs to experience the dilemma of which maternity pads to buy, right? I packed, unpacked and repacked more times than I care to admit and definitely more times than necessary.

Cut to 24 hours after I hobbled my way across the maternity hospital threshold, I set my weary eyes on my lovingly packed hospital bag for the first time.

You see my bag had never even made it into the hospital until then so it missed its big career defining moment. As we left our car we thought ‘let’s just get in and we can worry about the bags later’, what were we thinking! Well, what we actually thought was there was a good chance we will be sent home and if not Mr W can just pop out and get it. As it turned out once we were there we were in it for the long haul and the way my labour unfolded the only person I wanted ‘just popping out’ was Baby E.

So what was in the bag?

For Baby E

  • A selection of sleep suits and vests
  • A ‘going home’ outfit
  • A couple of hats
  • A cardigan
  • A few bibs & muslins
  • Nappies, cotton pads, Water Wipes, nappy bags, Bepanthen
  • A little teddy
  • A blanket

For Me

  • A couple of nightshirts (I even bought a Gownie!)
  • Cosy socks (many people assured me my feet would get cold)
  • Disposable maternity pants & normal pants (in a size fit for the occasion)
  • A couple of nursing bras
  • A vest top, yoga pants & cardigan for going home
  • Maternity pads & nursing pads
  • Lanolin nipple balm
  • Travel shower gel, facewash & deodorant, my normal moisturiser
  • Lip balm (another recommendation as your lips get dry using gas and air, this is very true)
  • A hairbrush, extra hair bobbles & dry shampoo
  • A can of Evian Face Mist (another recommendation, I cannot comment on its effectiveness for labour but I still have it and is very refreshing from time to time!)
  • Some boiled sweets (which I also still have, the expiry date is 2016 so maybe next time??)
  • My kindle (just in case I happened to get bored, ha!)

What would I change?

  • I would include some jammies I would normally wear for after the birth as I am more a trouser and t-shirt girl than a nightshirt wearing one
  • I would not bother with a Gownie, the hospital one was just fine and to be honest I was completely unaware of anyone wearing any form of clothing when things got going
  • I would not bother with the disposable maternity pants and just ensure I had lots of normal full brief ones, if they don’t get used in the traditional sense I can always use them as a makeshift baby sling
  • I would not bother with maternity pads, instead I would get stocked up on good old night time sanitary towels

So for all it was worth during the actual labour, that is what I lovingly packed in my hospital bag. My advice would be to pack what you want, having now done it I can assure you no one will be doing spot checks and scoring you out of 10 (if they had I would have got a big fat 0 for leaving it in the car).

Take what makes you feel happy, relaxed and prepared. So if that’s enough make up to shame an Avon lady or nothing but a bottle of Champagne, well…Cheers!

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One thought on “What was in my hospital bag?

  1. Can’t beat a good hospital bag all packed and ready for the exciting happenings. MM was born so early I didn’t even have one ready! oops hahaha But we survived all the same. Lovely post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Happy Easter! #sharewithme

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