A Letter to Scout

Scout1Dear Scout

I am writing to thank you for all your support over the past few months. You may be shorter than my 7 month old baby and are green with a tail but people should not judge you on this. You came into our life as a Christmas gift and as soon as Baby E set eyes on you I knew it was the start of something special. You know my baby’s name and speak directly to him and have numerous games and songs for him. You soothe him and capture his attention when he is a little unsettled and never fail to raise a smile. You ask him to snuggle up and help settle him to sleep, whether that takes five or fifteen minutes of bedtime music. For me you give me a sense of perspective on how long little Baby E takes to drift of to sleep and even have a couple of enjoyable tunes on your playlist! We are like a little napping tag team and as I sneak out of Baby E’s nursery I know by that look on your little green face that you are silently saying ‘don’t worry… I’ve got this’.

So thank you Scout,

Love from Mrs W x

Scout Badge

Family Fever

4 thoughts on “A Letter to Scout

    • Scout is great, definitely worth looking out for! He is made by LeapFrog and has a little purple friend called Violet too. A firm part of our napping routine, would be lost without that little green guy!

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