Little Weekly Wonders #1

Little Weekly WondersSince the reason I started this blog was to capture all the little moments, I decided to try and list a few of the little things that are highlights of each week. This week…

Baby E is starting to show more obvious signs of affection. He is beginning to hold out his arms and his little hands grab at you when he is picked up. He is also starting to rest his head on my shoulder when he is being carried and cuddled, there is nothing better than the feeling of his soft hair and warm little head snuggling into me. He has done these things before now but this week it has seemed he has done them more intentionally and is more aware of what he is doing.

Family visiting. This weekend Mr W’s family visited, we don’t live near either of our family (they are all lovely honestly, it is just the way things turned out!) so it is always extra special when any of them spend time with Baby E. It is great for them to see Baby E in his own environment with all his toys and entertaining them on his beloved jumperoo and he really enjoys all the attention. It is also a great chance for him to see his cousins and stares at them smiling as if they are giant oversized toys that only exist for his entertainment.

Toothy grins. Baby E has had his lower two front teeth for some time now but this week they have really sprouted and are visible when he smiles, laughs and roars. Somehow it has made his happy little face even more adorable.

Lets see what next week brings!


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