7 Month Routine

Routine I said it, the R word. It will now be jinxed and I can expect all kinds of hell to break loose tomorrow. Ah well, at least I will have this post as a memento. We have always approached routines with Baby E as a meeting in the middle kind of affair. A bit of what we want and need but also being led by him. At 7 months this is what his typical daily routine looks like.

Baby E tends to wake around 6am, this is a prime example of him taking the lead rather than what we ideally want. Usually he is quite happy to thrash around playing with his cot toys and Mr W and myself get a much appreciated 20 minutes to accept we are getting out of bed to start our day. Baby E is quite happy to have a cuddle and a nosey out the window to assess the day before getting his ‘big milk’ (7oz) and flavoured porridge just after 7am. He then gets a quick top & tail and dressed before playing, reading and some jumperoo time.

Baby E starts showing the signs he is ready for his first nap somewhere around 9.30am. This consists of a crazy head shake, long, slow blinking and a good dose of eye rubbing. If he feels we are not taking the hint he may throw in a good grunt and growl for good measure. The morning nap normally is the big one and lasts for one and a half to two hours. When he wakes its time for his ‘snack milk’ (about 5oz). Then some play mat time, a walk or heading into town depending on the day.

Lunch time is around 12.30-1.00pm where Baby E will either accept or decline a puree and will almost always accept an Ella’s Kitchen yoghurt, rusk, or  piece of fruit and water. If we are out and about Baby E’s will be in his pushchair playing with his pram toys, zip or whatever his little hands can grab all while taking in the world around him. If we are home this will be more playtime together, punctuated with a few good tickling sessions. Afternoon napping is usually 2 shorter naps of around half an hour but he has recently started dropping the later afternoon nap which, fingers crossed seems to be giving him a better nights sleep. He will also take another ‘snack milk’ between 3-4pm.

Dinner is around 5pm where again he will be offered a puree and will take either a yoghurt, rusk or piece of fruit depending on what he had for lunch and some water. At around 6pm we start our bedtime wind down – bath, jammies and cuddles followed by getting into his sleeping bag and a ‘big milk’ in his nursery with the nightlight on. Baby E tends to fall asleep just after 7pm and is now settled for the rest of the night, most of the time (hurrah!).

Then we get up and do it again…well I hope so after jinxing it with the R word.


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