Why Blog?

This is something I have been thinking about doing for a little while now since having Baby E and in the end I thought why not? But to be more specific these are a few reasons why I decided to spend some of my time (which has become more precious since I started trying to keep a healthy, happy little human) writing a blog.

A Record…

When I became pregnant far too many people began to tell me, and continue to do so, that time will fly by. It does. This is my way of trying to record all the little moments, memories and thoughts before they all tumble away to make way for the next exciting development for Baby E and me as a parent.

A Project…

In my career before having Baby E I wrote every day in various formats for various purposes and I enjoyed it. I miss writing for a purpose and on a subject other than the shopping list and ‘to do’ list even though I have an unnatural love of list writing…hence this first post being a list of sorts.

A Shared Experience…

Up until I became pregnant I never really took much notice of blogs but during this time I found myself wanting to hear about other peoples experiences. Not in the ‘Oh congratulations you’re pregnant, let me talk at you for an hour about my experience and offload all my advice and wisdom to you’ but in a way that I could dip in and out of and that was still personal. Blogs and then gradually vlogs became a way of gaining an insight into other peoples experience. So if anyone stumbles across my little space on the internet and it helps them in the way other blogs helped me then that can only be a bonus.


2 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. What a lovely first post! I really enjoy blogging for the reasons you’ve given. It is a lot of hard work and can be demoralising at times. But it is completely wonderful and addictive too. It is important to always love writing the you will always enjoy blogging. Good luck. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


    • Thank you for your comment. It’s early days but I am really enjoying reflecting and writing about my thoughts and experiences. It’s great to have my own little project that gives me some ‘me’ time but is still so completely about Baby E at the same time!


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